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 The Treatment Room at Oxley Sports Centre offers an ‘Oasis of Calm‘ where Joy Weafer, Resident Practitioner, delivers the remedial therapies of Bowen, Reflexology and Scar Tissue Release. Extremely gentle techniques that may assist in relieving pain, discomfort, stress and anxiety.

Gift Vouchers are available for all therapies/treatments and bespoke Gift Parcels can be made to suit individual requirements and budgets. Please contact us for more information.


I look forward to seeing you in the Treatment Room.  There are new protocols that have been put in place making your safety a priority and minimising risk, whilst adhering to Government and Professional Association guidelines.  I will advise you of these prior to your appointment but if you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.




Devised in Australia by Thomas Ambrose Bowen in the 1950’s, Bowen Therapy is a soft tissue remedial technique that involves small moves made over muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia at various points on the body.

It is an extremely subtle, relaxing and effective treatment which is safe enough to use on anyone from young babies to the elderly, and may facilitate lasting and drug-free relief from pain and discomfort.

Responses have been reported from the first session, however each person will respond in their own unique way, with each session being tailored to suit individual requirements.

A deeply relaxing, safe and subtle therapy suitable for all ages and delivered in calm and relaxed surroundings, which may assist with many symptoms, including:

Stress and anxiety; Disturbed sleep patterns;  Hay fever;  Headaches and Migraines; Back / neck issues; Sciatica; Shoulder restrictions; Knee, ankle and foot problems; Hormonal irregularities; Fibromyalgia; RSI / Carpal Tunnel;  Sports related injuries.

Members: £25 / Non Members: £35


What is the Scar Tissue Release Technique?

Small cross-fibre moves are performed across and along the scar using small, specific gentle ‘pulling’ movements that assist to release collagen fibres. The moves made by the practitioner are small and gentle – no heavy pressure is ever used. No equipment, products or machines are used with this technique which may be considered similar to Bowen Therapy, but differs in application and usually delivered in isolation.

What does it do?

The body is positively influenced by the application of the scar work by changing the construction of the tissue allowing lymphatic drainage, increased blood flow, nerve restoration and normalisation. Any age of scar can be worked on with many clients reporting positive results, including: more freedom of movement; pain relief (not necessarily associated with the scar), and difference in appearance at the scar site.
No adverse responses have been reported.
Safe to use on all ages.

Members: £20 / Non-members: £30


An ancient technique that is most commonly performed on the feet by stimulating the nervous system.  Using the feet  as a ‘map’, the practitioner aims to work on different parts of the body by stimulating specific points using gentle pressure and massage.  The body is then encouraged to use its own natural resources to achieve balance and work more efficiently, which may assist to relieve discomfort, tension and maintain homeostasis.  Reflexology is most commonly performed on the feet, however if it is more appropriate or preferred, hand or face reflexology can be performed to achieve similar results.

Deeply relaxing, safe and suitable for all ages, delivered in calm and relaxed surroundings, the technique may assist with many symptoms, including:

Stress and anxiety; disturbed sleep patterns; Hay fever; Headaches and Migraines;  Back and neck issues; Sciatica;  Knee, ankle and foot issues; Hormonal irregularities; Fibromyalgia

Reflexology: Members £25 / Non Members £35

Facial Reflexology: (Not currently available)

Hot Stone Reflexology: (Not currently available)


Combining elements of  Indian, Acupressure, Facial Reflexology and Massage techniques to gently stimulate, uplift and refresh the skin.  Relaxing, yet invigorating and energising.  The ultimate in therapeutic pampering!

Natural Facial Massage:  (Not currently available)

Appointments Available: Day, Evening and Weekends (including Sunday).

Gift Vouchers Available  by post or via Oxley Sports Centre Reception.



For more information, to book a session or for general enquiries, please don't hesitate to contact me.


07714 205968


The Treatment Room

Oxley Sports Centre

Bradford Road


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